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Tyres Tires heating up at different rates


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Only have 1k on the car so far, haven't noticed pulling or unusual wear but have noticed the front passenger tire psi increases faster than the other 3. Before I take for an alignment check was just curious if anyone had noticed the same (perhaps that side of the engine bay is warmer?)

The difference is slight, but consistent. At startup that particular tire is maybe 1/2 lb lower than the other 3 but by the end of a 20 mile drive it's 1/2 lb higher than the others.
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R Veloster N

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It's relative to friction, road conditions, cornering, even tire manufacturing imperfections, etc. To many factors to determine.:)

Have them specifically check for; camber and toe-in. Check psi often and make sure they are even across the board.
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If the difference is just slightly then it's totally ok.

I normally have cold


After a few miles I have


and if I drive a little faster and longer I end up with


So dont worry if you dont have big differences between the tires


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Don’t forget there is a camber on the road (ie it is humped). So this puts uneven pressure on the tyres and thus heat. So if you fill the tyres when not 100% cold then when they cool they will be slightly uneven. They will warm up unevenly too.

Probably makes minimal difference at higher speeds/longer drives when it all reaches equilibrium.

So my bet is the OP pumped tbe tyres up when they were in between 100% cold and 100% hot. So lower when cold and higher when hot...in contrast the reply above filled them 100% cold - so they even up when hot as well, but warming up is uneven.

If you don’t believe me, then search for unveven tyre wear on a motorbike forum. It’s far more obvious the impact of road camber on a two wheeler. The factory lines/rubber bits down the center of the new tyre wear off alarmingly uneven side to side of the centre of the tyre. Freaked me out the first set of new rubber on my moto lol. Posted my concern...old timers set me right pretty quickly ;-)