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Timerzyanov wins his maiden WRX race in Spa with his Hyundai i20


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Hey guys,

since I went to Spa this weekend and something Hyundai-related actually happened I wanted to share it.
If you follow FIA World Rallyecross (WRX) you may know Timur Timerzyanov as he was there from the beginning of the series.
Last weekend he got his first win of the series - and he drives an i20 :)

The (final) race:

His reaction:

And some pics I took during the weekend, hope you enjoy them - the sport deserves a bit more attention:

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@B00n87 thanks, yeah had a great time. Visited WRX the first time 2016 when it was still held at Mettet. Since then it kinda became a tradition visiting it with some friends I met during my studies. Just love this kind of racing combined with camping!

I really recommend a visit, be it only for the pure sound of 600 turbocharged hp :D