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This reviewer thinks i30N is the worst hot hatchback


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Aug 16, 2018
Yeh this guy is all over the shop, Fiesta ST is a cool car but not in the same universe as Megane RS, but the ST is in a different category as well, it’s a mini hot hatch, stupid to even compare them, I’d be wary of this blokes advice lol..

I wonder if it was work experience week at Parkers...??? :D


Jun 6, 2018
West Sussex - UK
I watched a Parkers review of the N by Quentin Wilson's love-child - he pretty much slated it from the off, including calling the suspension "totally unacceptable" when it was clearly in N Mode on a B-road.

As said above, by all means express an opinion, but a journo should at least be objective!
Quentin Wilson’s love-child! :D:D:D:D! Spat my cornflakes out reading that! You are so right this twelve year old has been watching to much top gear from the 90’s, if you see the head to head video (in which the i30N convincingly beats the GTi) he’s a plum in that too, and he’s dressed like a ww2 pilot! What a melt.
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Jun 27, 2018
Bristol, United kingdom
Whilst everyone is entitled to have an opinion, not all opinions are equal.

You could easily put the i30N against much more expensive cars and (provided you pick the categories you review carefully) win the comparison, but by that same token you could put the i30N against hot hatches from the early 90's and it might lose.

End of the day, it's a review on the interweb that generates revenue based on how many likes, comments and interacts it gets.


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Aug 22, 2022
So this reviewer reckons that the i30N ranks at the very bottom of the hot hatchback segment - even below the Golf GTI (despite every single other car reviewer, and indeed objective tests proving otherwise).

Cant wait to start reading all your comments..... just let me get the popcorn.
This car is bad! The type r, gr Yaris and focus as much nicer to drive and they all handle properly!
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