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The N car experience. Stash-N


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Wow! And is that a set of Bowden's Own Foursome detailing brushes I see in the reflection??
No, I cheaped out and got some Ebay copies. Again, seem to work OK getting in around the badges and the nooks and crannies of the car. Bowden's Own do pretty well out of me as it is.
I did the wife's car with Bowden's Fully Slick after a wash and it is not that far behind the F11 IMO.
The reflection is pretty good though.
The car was pretty slick to start with but the F11 did make a noticeable improvement as I did one panel at a time and you could feel the difference.
Will I get some F11 of my own? Not unless some importer brings it to Australia and then only after I save up for a couple of months. Or my son could give me a bottle as he has so much money to spare. Christmas is nearly here! :cool::):cool: 2 glasses now cause it's so shiny..


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Did I mention before with that wet look paint I want to lick it? :D:p is there something wrong with that? lol. Anything else to report on the vehicle good and bad?
If you licked it I would have to polish that spot again, I could not help it. It is hydrophobic though so most of the big drops would just run off. ;)
I really think I have covered everything I can think of concerning this car. I am so lucky that pretty much none of the issues encountered on this forum have been encountered by me.
I am happy to discuss anything about these cars. I really enjoy anything to do with them from the driving them through to my obsessive cleaning. :cool::cool::cool: