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The i30N hits New Zealand - All Black ;)

oh mans i have only just seen this ,
Im a Kiwi living in Aussie, I have a micron grey Lux spec. I really hope the i30 N takes off in NZ
What is the price like over there for these beasts ?
Hey … only a few on the road here - I havn't seen another one on the South Island yet ;) …. retail around NZ$54k from memory and depends on the 'deal' as always #i30Nfever

Stray Kiwi

New Member
Lol …. funny thing is .. the best part about the whole car is you have to drive it ;)
Exactly, that is the point of the whole car. I test drove a DSG Golf R on Saturday - stupidly quick but not involving enough for my taste. I've test driven a Focus RS, even faster than the Golf but all but impossible to live with. The i30N is totally trackable but also liveable too, and a bargain when you compare price/costs. Now I have to decide what colour I want and whether to wait for the MY19 fastback or go with a MY18 hatch. Decisions decisions.

Stray Kiwi

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Bummer just read that NZ misses out on the i30N fastback due to international demand. And my wife really liked it too...:confused: