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Text messages

Hi all. My phone connects to the car fine, but I don't get notification of text messages coming in. Phone is an S7 Galaxy. Am i missing something? TIA
Just to follow up for the few that are bothered, the above app (on Android) works perfectly. Its a paid for app but its a small amount.

It basically uses Google Text to Speech engine and announces incoming text messages and then reads them out to you. You can then dictate a reply if needed.

Its not perfect but a very cool workaround.


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My wife's Yaris displays incoming SMS on the dash display screen. Android phone connected through Bluetooth, no Android Auto etc.

Should this happen in the i30N? Can it be made to happen?
It should be a standard feature on a modern car in this day and age but doesn't seem to be allowed in this car.......annoying. I can't even remember the last car I had that didn't allow text messages to show via bluetooth. Hyundai are waaaay behind on this.

You can get them if the phone is connected via cable (apparently, I've never tried. Defeats the point of having Bluetooth imho)