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Suzuki Swift Sport


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Jun 6, 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania
tested one today and if in just few words: amazing little car!
in yellow looks fantastic, imho

so light and nimble, but at the same time so spacious inside (I'm not a small guy and usually have problems with getting comfy in small(er) cars)
punchy engine, strong brakes, good visibility, nice seats

my main concerns: high driving position, not quite precise gearbox, maybe slightly too-light steering and glossy / plastic insert in the steering wheel... and stock exhaust definitely needs to be changed / upgraded (too silent)


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Dec 15, 2017
I was looking at the stats, power to weight is pretty impressive... how does it handle?

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I had my old sport for nearly 9 years and I love that damn car. Suzuki were great to deal with, reliability was fab, and it’s got bags of character. It was worth every single penny I paid for it. It’s not the fastest, noisiest, sportiest etc etc but it’s just loadsa fun. Mine was the last of the 1.6, and I had a go with the 1.4 turbo and it wasn’t too shabby. My only gripe in all the time I had one was seat squeak, a well known fault, but they replaced them with no issues. Also the noise and the rattles, but I think the build quality has got better and I’d say it’s no worse than any other brand. Cheap and cheerful, good run around.

Only reason I didn’t buy again? 5 doors.

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@eddie_gt4 They’ve gone up in price a lot, I paid under £12000 for mine new, but the new ones are £17000? Good deals to be had though, I got a dealer offer through for £14500. Fiestas aren’t my bag, I didn’t even look when I bought mine.

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Randomly - watch out for the tyres and the spark plugs. If they’re the same size as mine they were absolute pigs to get hold of o_O I think of the tyres are the same size, Yokohama does them too, but the first time I got a flat I couldn’t even order a new tyre anywhere :oops: