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Spotted Performance Blue in South Lakes, Cumbria


New Member
Aug 8, 2019
United Kingdom
I bought my Polar White N Performance in 2nd September 2019.

Around 5th or 6th of September I spotted a Performance Blue coming in the opposite direction between Kendal and Crooklands (near M6 junction 36).

On Sunday 15th September I spotted a Performance Blue coming in opposite direction around Windermere/Grasmere area of Lake District.

I don’t know if its the same car but it went by in a flash both times and I did not notice the year.

I wasn’t keen on the colour but it did look good in the flesh in the brief moment I saw it. So the colour is growing on me.

It is the one and only i30N I have seen. So that makes at least 2 in the South Lakes.

I hope he’s enjoying his car as much as I am enjoying mine.