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ICE Speaker Size


New Member
Mar 9, 2020

I have been looking at the forums for upgrading the awful speakers that are in the N and have decided to do the same with mine, albeit not as advanced as some people.
Is it possible to let me know the maximum size speakers that can go into the N, I know its 165mm wide but what about depth?

Are these any good to fit in the front ?
Are the front a back speakers the same size?
Do you need woofers at front and 2 channel in the back?
What about an amp to go with those speakers?


Staff member
Feb 4, 2019
Front and back are the same size.

I think the ones you've referenced might fit just about but its near the limit!
I'm sure max mounting depths were mentioned in the Sound Upgrade Thread.

I fitted Hertz Dieci DCX 170.3 to the front doors with Hertz Deici DT24.3 tweeters on top of the dash tweeter covers and Audison AP6.5 Woofers to the rear doors.
The DCX 170.3 have a mounting depth of 45mm and there was loads of room behind them still.
The Audisons have a depth of 56mm and I think there was still some space behind but anything over 60mm might be tight.

There is some good reading here:

Link to Sound Upgrade Thread

Link to how-to-speakers-head-unit