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Snetterton Track Day - 17th Feb 2020

OK. I guess there aren't that many enthusiastic i30N owners in the east of England and I was the only 30N there. Got a few comments form some of the marshals on how I'd chosen the right car for the job.
I can tell you all that it was huge adrenalin rush for the first session I did and I sweated buckets and was very tense. Took a good break between each time out on track and things got better and smoother each time.
Our cars don't seem to have a good top speed as it takes a while to get up to speed but in the corners, they're a dream. It really feels like a rally car (good job I've got my RallyFlapz, haha). The noise, the handling and the cornering, all stunning. The only slight problem is that the brakes faded after a few laps in each session which is contrary to most of the reviews I've read and seen. I took a couple of friends who couldn't believe the levels of grip at hand. Skidding, screeching, revving. Fuck me, you've got to try it.

i30N - Snetterton - 17.02.20 -  (5).jpg

i30N - Snetterton - 17.02.20 -  (12).jpg

i30N - Snetterton - 17.02.20 -  (18).jpg


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I've done a few days. (Knockhill and Croft)

I'm doin Snetteron 9th April if you fancy another.
Change brake fluid to Castrol SRF Racing. Even that little change helps the brakes a lot. Cheapest upgrade I've done, and best value for money too.
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That's tempting, mate.
It's a little too far ahead for me to book for definite as my work can call me up to go away any time. If I think I'll be about, I'll certainly join you.
Did you do the brake fluid thing yourself?