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Snetterton Track Day - 17th Feb 2020


OK. I guess there aren't that many enthusiastic i30N owners in the east of England and I was the only 30N there. Got a few comments form some of the marshals on how I'd chosen the right car for the job.
I can tell you all that it was huge adrenalin rush for the first session I did and I sweated buckets and was very tense. Took a good break between each time out on track and things got better and smoother each time.
Our cars don't seem to have a good top speed as it takes a while to get up to speed but in the corners, they're a dream. It really feels like a rally car (good job I've got my RallyFlapz, haha). The noise, the handling and the cornering, all stunning. The only slight problem is that the brakes faded after a few laps in each session which is contrary to most of the reviews I've read and seen. I took a couple of friends who couldn't believe the levels of grip at hand. Skidding, screeching, revving. Fuck me, you've got to try it.

i30N - Snetterton - 17.02.20 -  (5).jpg

i30N - Snetterton - 17.02.20 -  (12).jpg

i30N - Snetterton - 17.02.20 -  (18).jpg


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I've done a few days. (Knockhill and Croft)

I'm doin Snetteron 9th April if you fancy another.
Change brake fluid to Castrol SRF Racing. Even that little change helps the brakes a lot. Cheapest upgrade I've done, and best value for money too.
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That's tempting, mate.
It's a little too far ahead for me to book for definite as my work can call me up to go away any time. If I think I'll be about, I'll certainly join you.
Did you do the brake fluid thing yourself?


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Yes, it was quite straight forward. Brake bleed kit from Halfords for Ā£5.
Start with NS Rear, then OS Rear. NS Front then OS Front.
SRF is very clear fluid, so you can see the colour change.


Done several sessions there in both my Ns both non-GPF and my current GPF. Love the track at Snetterton.

I found power backs off after a while, these cars really could benefit from a larger or more efficient intercooler. Brakes were fine, tyres get really good once upto 40c+ Firmer suspension and and upgraded IC is all i can ask for from the car if it was a "track toy" but its a daily and a toy all rolled into one!