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Simmos PB I30N


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G'day Forum - long time reader and thought it was about time to introduce myself officially.

I took delivery of my base model PB i30N in November 2018 and now have just over 4000km on the car - loving every drive.


The only modification I have done to the car is a resonator delete / replaced with straight pipe but I have modified it to be able to be reinstalled should the noise get too much.... I also have word from Hyundai care about that modification and warranty below;

Hi James,

I have spoken to our N Performance specialist Geoff Fear - there is also a N Performance Facebook page which is super informative too!! if your not a member of that its a great group.

The answers i received are as follows: (hoping it makes sense):

The warranty on the Exhaust system would be the only thing that would be void on Warranty all other components would be fine, Back pressure wont be an issue. Geoff stated that others have deleted resonator no issue at all – just a different sound.

Amp & Sub woofers plug and play will have no effect on Warranty, Warranty will only be void wiring is soldered or cut.

Hope this helps!


i30n resonator.jpg

Other than the above and having the oil and filter changed at the 1500km service the car is bone stock - I will be looking to add an amplifier and sub woofer in the new year.

I hope to see many more performance options become available shortly!




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Looks mint mate, what a difference the side stickers make. They the raised gel type or just plain normal stickers? One more thing the Golf has to go :D:p
Hahahaha I was wondering if anyone would spot the Golf R in the reflection ;) that's the old boys work car, goes hard but it's no N :p

They are the raised gel ones! I'm hoping they don't come off, if they do the next ones will be glued on. They fit really well and add +20hp a sticker so I'm absolutely chuffed!
Arrr Streetfx, very well known and is pretty good with all sorts of gear. They look decent quality and appear to actually fit properly into the N cutout.
They appear to be great quality and fit the N cut outs perfectly :) I will be fixing them to the skirt more permanently with epoxy/glue in the coming week.

They look good and they fit, but you'll need epoxy to keep 'em on for more than a few weeks. One of my first set is now glued to the cover of my work diary. The other is probably stuck in the front grille of a GTI.
PMSL :p there is a GTI somewhere with your stickers in the grille...


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I know it's a common "mod" but wow do $19 AUD stickers from Ebay make a difference to the look of the car! :D:D:D

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Stickers look great. Mine are still hanging on great after five washes and about 9 weeks. I did clean with isopropyl alcohol prior to fitting. It is amazing how something so small can "lift" the look of the car. Maybe they should have been standard fitment. :cool::)