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Tyres Should I get all season tires?

Hello just got a 2020 Veloster N with performance package recently and loving it. ( Coming from a beloved but time to retire 97 Mazda Miata). Question: the performance package puts very nice summer tires on it. I live in Midwest(Indiana) USA and was wondering should I get all season tires for the winter? Sorry if this is a stupid question I've always just had all purpose/season tires before never had peformance tires.This is my daily driver btw. Thanks.
To clarify im wondering if the summer tires will be ok in winter. If it's super bad like ice and snow on road I would just take an Uber to work not expecting summer tires to deal with extreme but like light snow/slush.
To clarify im wondering if the summer tires will be ok in winter. If it's super bad like ice and snow on road I would just take an Uber to work not expecting summer tires to deal with extreme but like light snow/slush.
Up to you really, if the veloster uses the P Zero's like the I30n then I can tell you they are pretty garbage in the wet if you try do anything a bit racey. In the dry, unreal grip, but I've had them on over winter and I've only ever had issues in the wet, and it's been minor tbh. On temps below 10 degrees Celsius more wheel hop and spin occurs if you aren't conservictive with throttle. Overall, I havent felt the need to change the tyre for winters, but next winter I will be getting a set of alloys for summer tyres and stock alloys for winter tyres.


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If you have the cash to spend get a set of 18's with all seasons or winters, preferably Michelin Pilots/Alpine Sport's as they match well with the i30N/Veloster N. Otherwise slap some good quality all season's on. I grew up near Joliet, IL and our weather is similar. If you don't have the extra cash...don't get on it as much when it's wet and for 6"+ call in a sick day.

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Take a look at your weather. If you're getting more than a two or three consistent snow falls in a year, consider purchasing another set of wheels and tires.

Do as Jay suggested; if you haven't got the cash.

No question is stupid!

Personally IMO, the P Zeros are a summer tire and not good in winter conditions.

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Thanks for quick replies. So what im gathering is these summer tires will do ok if I am being a careful driver in winter weather . I do not have cash to spare at the moment. Whenever they bald out I will be putting on all seasons though at that point will spring for the grippiest tire then. I am lucky that I do the work 3 days have 4 days off so one crazy blizzard day or whatever is easy to use a sick day.(am a warehouse girl do 3 12hr shifts )

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You're welcome! Just be extremely ginger in the application of throttle you have to utilize when driving in snow or ice conditions. In ice conditions personally, I'd leave it at home and take the bus, Lyft or Uber.

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So where I'm at we regularly get snow during the winter and the temps during fall aren't great either.

What I noticed is that at anything below 10C/50F the P-Zeros' grip level fades quite quickly. They're still good when you get em up to temp, but not great - even more so when the ground is ever so slightly wet.

What I'd do is have a set of summer tires, and for the colder months a set of all-season ones as they perform quite well in cooler weather, during rain and can take on even a bit of snow (although not much).

Take a look at the last page of my build-thread to see what the limits of snow/winter tires are ;)
Summer tires are only passable on dry roads below 40-50 degrees. Traction is bad on cold, wet roads and flat out dangerous if there is snow or ice. At best, it is not enjoyable to drive summer tires in winter weather, at worst it's dangerous and scary... Don't be cheap and make yourself a danger to others on the road. Buy a set of good tires suitable for winter driving in your region.

Since you live in Indiana, snow/ice tires would be best for driving in the winter weather.. I used to live in NW Ohio, trust me they're worth it. Max performance all-seasons are passible with light snowfall if you're really careful, but that's all they're good for. That's what I run in winter now that I live in North Carolina, but I wouldn't want them in Indiana for the bad weather...

When I used to live in Ohio, I usually ran max-performance all-season tires mid-March through mid December, and then winter tires mid-December through mid-March. I have a buddy in Indiana outside of Chicago.. He has a set of winters, high-performance all-seasons for late fall and early spring, and then a set of summers for late spring through early fall. That's a lot of wheels and tires, but it gives him the best traction year-around.
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