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Short SHIFTER Discussion


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Had mine installed today, great feeling so far!

Both pins are set to about halfway, feels really nice and short now.
Gear changes are firmer and need a bit more of a shove, but they just have that extra oomph now when they're in. Really nice! :D

Maybe I can put it to the shortest setting without messing anything up? :p;)

R Veloster N

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Don't forget, the VN utilizes the same trans and shifter bushing as the i30N. Boomba Racing, has solid shifter and trans bushing as well. I'm going to try them along with the Forge Shift Kit. Ought to make a great combination.;) The bushings remove any slack in the shifter and cable take up.

More money to spend, for some more improvement.:p

You can, it's an easy adjustment. Just requires removal of the battery, and Air Box. Just ask @TamoT, I believe he has them adjusted to the stops.

R Veloster N

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Can anyone recommend somewhere in the southeast that can fit a short shift on my I30N/ had a look and don’t fancy doing it myself, I don’t get on with spanner’s.
@R Veloster N have you had a chance to use the solid bushings yet?

I ordered a set from SXth Engineering, with my next purchase likely to be the forge shifter assembly and was wondering which is going to have more of an impact.

I have a "Baby N" (EGTN-line) and this car, as much as I have enjoyed it for the month and a half i've had it, it has the absolute worst shift feel i've ever dealt with.... so much "Slop" (1990 integra, 2k tiburon, 2005 jetta, all manuals)
Not in the VN but others yes. The Forge Shifter Kit is money well spent. The solid bushings replace the plastic units, which actually create the slop. So I'm expecting the solid unit will remove any remaining weakness.

With the change in the shifter linkage alone, movement has become extremely positive and direct with almost no slop. I'd be satisfied with the Forge Shift Kit by itself, if the solid bushing weren't already available.
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