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Sebastien loeb


New Member
I wonder if he’ll get a ‘n’ as a company car?
I can imagine he’ll be turbo posting on here in a few weeks time complaining about his infotainment system keep shutting down!
While Leob is a marquee signing, just a few rallies is not enough to mount a serious title challange, especially we know the I20 WRC is fast but frigile. Would he accepts teams orders if Neuville is behind him in the leader board? Loeb should be given a full programme.

ALso , deadwoods should be removed. Sordo, apart from a few tarmac rounds, provides little. Haydon, not dangerous enough. Mikelsen. I don't see the point.

They all should be dropped and get the hands on the young Rovenpera, develop him into the future of the marque. Maybe Meeke when he was available ( but he could be costly as he crashes more cars than insurance fraud gangs from Bradford). Also the WRC2 winners from Skoda, not that the Czech team would release them to other teams.

Hyundai is throwing a lot of money towards the same lineup without taking risks with fresh talents. To me, this smell of QPR when they were in the premiership.