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Sad Day!

R Veloster N

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Found out one our Cockers Spaniels, has advanced liver cancer. There's not much we can do at this point. Vet said it's to far advanced. She's such a lively companion even at 13 years of age. It's amazing, she doesn't show the least problem. :(:confused: Lost another this way, 5 years back. He was 17 when he passed.:(

I know to some this may be an unusual request but I ask you say a prayer for her, if you have a mind too. Her name is Sheba.

We are now in hospice care mode, for her. She's a joy to be with as well. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_196.jpg
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I experienced the same thing about 3 years ago with my dog. 2 weeks ago she left us after 15,5 years. She has not heard anything, barely seen, luckily she did not have any pain. I can only agree with the others.
Enjoy the time and take good care of her. My sincere condolences.

That was one of the last pictures I made

R Veloster N

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Yes, we take care of them all their lives and they have such a way of entering the heart. When they leave they leave an empty spot that only good memories fill. Thank you !!:(@Mightymoo & @padigree.

We'll take good care of her and she gets to eat anything she wants as well.

@padigree, I do feel the loss of your own. I understand and grieve with you. They give so much and ask for so little. We all can learn more from such little humble creatures.