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RedDriver's Engine Red i30N


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Hey everybody, please welcome my car project named RedDriver :)

In this thread, I'm planning to upload any i30N or N-related content which has some relation to my car and its upgrades. Apart from that, general tutorials/vlogs/N-News/etc. I'll try to document this and upload as much content on YouTube as possible. I've got more than 29k on the dashboard (8/2019), but enough to go, to make my little baby more interesting (her name is Stella btw :D)

TIMELINE - Changes made so far:
- LED indicators April 2018 VIDEO
- LED reverse lights August 2018 VIDEO
- Emblems debadge July 2018 VIDEO
- Instagram sticker July 2018 VIDEO
- Frameless license plates November 2019 VIDEO
- NEW Street-legal LED indicators April 2019 VIDEO
- 19" Wheels for summer (Brock B36) April 2019
- Piggyback Chiptunig (RaceChip GTS Black) April 2019
- Piggyback Chiptunig (TDI-Tuning) August 2019
- Engine Hood Lifters August 2019
- Black emblems September 2019
- Spoiler lip (Maxton Design) September 2019
- Strut brace front axle September 2019 VIDEO

Changes TO DO (Update 5/2019):
NOW -- Autumn 2020
- Tire stickers
- BOSH Wipers
- Lowering springs (?)
- Forge intercooler (?)
- RedDriver vinyl
- Black exhaust tips
- Android infotainment system with high resolution
- Audio system upgrade
- and many small, but significant changes...

The reason why I'm not rushing rush into some changes even after 18 months of ownership is simple. I don't wanna modify something and then regret it. Rather patiently look around and choose reliable parts that meet my expectations. To be honest, I'm more than sure, that Akrapović for N is coming...

See you on my channels!

Instagram: @red_i30N
YouTube: N's Garage

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As many of you are are doing the same, I'd like start my own thread to document my 2018 i30N's journey :)

So, I'm planning to upload any i30N or N-related content such as Tutorials/Vlogs/N-News/Tuning/Mods etc. (but mostly on YouTube)
I've got more than 11k on the dashboard, but enough to go, to make my baby little more interesting (her name is Stella btw :D)

Changes made so far:
- LED turning lights
- LED reverse lights
- Removed emblems (and replaced with Instagram sticker)

Change TO DO:
- to be revealed :p

Anyhow, this is going to be a tune-project, but I'm not planning to do any significant changes until spring 2019. There are many reasons for that, but mostly because I don't wanna rush into something and then regret it. Rather patiently look around and choose wisely. To be honest, I'm more than sure, that Akrapović for N is coming ;)


Instagram: @red_i30N
YouTube: RedDriver

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Nice pic ! The red and black contrast is outstanding. No to mention the shine on that paint. :cool:


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Youtube works. Thanks for sharing, looks like fun.

@RedDriver you seem to prefer driving with one hand unless you know a test is imminent :( The instructor should let the passenger apply the handbrake randomly ;)

Does passing this test give you some benefit, e.g. lower insurance premium etc.?


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it gives me benefits of clear mind and confidence on the roads... I do prefer driving with both hands, in this case it's a cornering with short track to gain desired speed :)


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color like color, but faulty pano roof that "blew out and flew away" on Autobahn and smashed into other cars(s) is something special, I'd say :oops:o_O


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a bit tricky situation. These bulbs are only 700 Lumen, so are they legal? One could say yes, BUT... E/CE certificates/labels are being faked (my own awkward experience with Chinese manufacturers) and basically any kind of after-market LED bulbs come from those Chinese factories, which in the end... don't give a damm about regulations. Simply put, this is the lowest brightness range you can buy on the market right now so you're taking action more or less on your own risk, but I highly doubt that any policeman would stop you for these.