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i30 N Problem installing OEM front splitter


Oct 8, 2018

the other day I was driving and some guy drove in front of me so I had to go to the right and hit some kind of kerb or rock. At the moment I didn't realize but I saw it when I parked the car.

I ordered a new right front splitter to my local dealer, 11 euro, and went to fit it myself. Here is the trouble. This is how it looks after it's installed:

It's like loose. Some parts just click and stay but the part next to the left (in the photo) isn't fully attached. I tried several times but I can't get it fixed like it's on the other side. Besides, if you rub your hand from below, in this side you feel like the splitter isn't in the right position, like it needs 2 or 3 mm more to be on point.

So, the questions are: Is there any special way to install this splitter? Is it possible that the holes in the bumper where this splitter is fitted are broken?

Thank you and sorry for my english.


New Member
Apr 2, 2021
Hey there,
At first sorry for my bad English.
I have a problem like you and I need the order number of the front splitter, maybe you can help me.