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Perf. Blue spotted in Aberdeen

A LOCAL! Awesome! Saw you down near the harbour going North.
My Mrs works in Torry sometimes(and around town) and we live out in Cove. Black N with reg SL19 :)
Hah, I take that coast road from Torry to Cove a lot on the way to work also. My company are based down the harbour so was probably down for a meeting, But there is another PB I30N down there also which I have seen a few times. No Personal plate on it tho.
If it was my car, It wasn't me. My Mrs drives it a fair bit so could've been her. If you ever spot the car out and about, give me a message on fb (I'm on the i30N Scotland group - Gavin)
Must be another one floating about. 2 young boys in it came flying up behind me going up the drive. lol