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Paint Issue I30N Hatchback

Hi all

After a long time lurking on the forms I finally picked up my New I30N hatchback however I have encountered a problem.

TLDR at end, Apologies if wrong section

I picked the car up on Thursday 27 June did all my checks and apart from the car being dirty in places I couldn’t see anything wrong with it so I drove it home. Bought the car in Luton drove it down to West London.
It was too hot to wash the car so I had to wait for a cooler day. I was working the weekend and we had a heat wave so it was far too hot to wash the car.

I washed the car Monday 1st July while washing the driver side this damaged appeared after moving the wash mitt across the area. Used Autoglym pure shampoo

After wash
After Wash.jpg Scratch 1 Rusty.jpg
Scratch 2.jpg
As you can see from the picture it has two scratches one is already rusted. This damage visible and it would be hard to miss during collection. I am 100% this was not present when I collected the car as me an 2 other people checked the car. I am also 100% certain the damage was not caused by me as 1 it is already rusted and 2 I only wear trainers without any metal bits. It’s parked on the driveway when it’s not being driven. Only has 79 miles covered.

Here are the pictures from today.
Scratch 1 48 Hours.jpg
Scratch 2 48 Hours.jpg

As you can see the rust is exactly the same size and this is 48 hours after the car has been washed. So this makes me believe it was sealed with something to prevent it from rusting then covered with paint and washing the area removed the paint.

I contacted the dealer on Monday as soon as damage was found. On Tuesday he replied that he is currently investigating.
I would like your opinions on what could have caused the damage and if it was possible that it was covered up like I believe.


TLDR – Collected car on Thursday 27th June no damage found. Washed car Monday 1st July rusty damaged appeared after car wash.


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For what it’s worth and based only on the information you have provided, in my opinion the dealer is has covered this up.

I have washed my car dozens of times and done silly things like step on the front lip while stretching to wash the bonnet and I haven’t come close to causing damage that is anywhere close to what you have.

My car has also done maybe 12000 miles, through numerous back roads and long motorway runs, through roadworks with resurfacing works etc etc.

My point is, you have not caused this damage from either a 75 mile journey nor a hand wash.....
Looks to me it's been bish bash boshed by your dealer, it looks like there's remnants of body filler there also that hasn't keyed to the bare metal, I may be wrong though.

Because you drove it away then later spotted it then the dealer will probably laugh in your face and say you did it, just like a slippery snake.
I think they will try that but all I can do is stick to the fact that the rust hasn't worsened in the time that I have owned it. I did tell the dealer he has till Friday to reply otherwise I will be making a complaint to Hyundai customer service. I just have to wait and see what they decide.

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You have a paint and perforation warranty from Hyundai. No joy from the dealer, call Hyundai Customer service. It shouldn't rust this quickly, as the metal is treated from the factory. before painting. It's surface rust but nevertheless, it needs to be attended to.

Be prepared, you may have to pay for repair. Think about investing in PPF (Paint Protection Film).
There are two coats of primer under the paint/clear coat surface. Most Hyundai colors are bi or tri-coat. This is why there is an under coat.


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Definitely bog in there, the paint is not that thick. Dealer coverup for sure, it got damaged prior to delivery. Go straight to Hyundai with pictures. Good luck.

My dealers grease monkey dropped a tool on my bonnet, dented it. I complained, and Hyundai made them paint the bonnet and entire front bumper.
So an update.
The dealer called me on Friday asked for more pictures and said that it's hard to prove how the damage occurred but they will do a "goodwill gesture" fix the damage. He said he would call me back when he could arrange for a driver to collect the car.

He didn't call me back. Could of forgotten

Saturday I call this is conversation
A - Dealer who sold me car
P - Phone person
M - Me

M; Can I speak to A please

P; Is this Marcin he said he is still trying to arrange a driver and will call back later

M; I would prefer the drop the car off can I speak to him

P; Sure he's in the office I will go get him

2 mins later

P; He's with a customer now he will call you later

M; Okay

At this point I know he will not call me back later hasn't everytime I called.

Today I called Hyundai customer service and the nice lady listened to me and said she will call the dealer and confirm. She says the dealer confirmed the "good will gesture" and will transfer me over so I can arrange a date to drop the car off. The dealer says I can bring the car in on Monday 15th July.

Now I'm glad it's I have a day booked for the repair. I'm annoyed at the wording "Goodwill Gesture" but the important thing is that they agreed to fix it and I have a day arranged.

Now I will have wait to see the quality of the repair.

The dealer was really good up until I drove the car away. I'm just disappointed how they handled this situation.

I will post pictures onces the repair is complete.

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This is a good thing!

Always talk to Hyundai Customer Service when you're being put off by the dealership. They have an obligation to follow thru. Hope everything is accomplished to your satisfaction.

Never mind about the "Goodwill Gesture" verbiage. They are doing what you asked. Normally, "paint road damage" is the term they will often use, is not warranted unless you have, " platinum warranty coverage." Then it only amounts to dent less body repair and paint touch ups.

You'll find this type of attitude at any dealership. You have purchased the vehicle from us, great thanks!!! Now the maintenance is up to you. Not often does the same customer service follow with service departments.

Service reps, are not really personally familiar with your expectations or the car in general. It's more of an assembly line mentality. Get it in, get it done, get it out. You very rarely get personalized service @ service departments.

If you desire such treatment, slip the service rep a 10 spot, on a regular basis and see what happens. They'll get to know you personally and what you expect. In fact one rep will generally tell others, to let me deal with you directly. Don't be afraid to let the service rep know your expectations but be prepared to reward the service.
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In a way, its good you have uncovered the issue so soon. Imagine in winter when you could not wash it for a few month, and all the while it rusts away under the poor cover up.

I would respect dealers more if they just admit it from the beginning and repair it properly. Mistakes and accidents do happen but honesty goes a long way.

R Veloster N

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Sure does and always will.

However, what you don't know, they won't admit too, sadly. This is why I take a good look around, take photos of the car in general, record mileage and anything out of the ordinary. I let them know that I have done this prior to turning over the keys.

I'm not advocating for anyone to be obnoxious or overbearing, just observant with their car. Dealerships have insurance, to take care of such problems. Your insurance company, won't cover any damage they cause for this very reason. Why, they are in possession of your vehicle and must take due care and custody of your vehicle. This makes them liable.

I've been thru this before and learned a lesson or two. When I come back to pick it up, I make the round with the service rep before I depart. If I find anything, it's noted on the worksheet and the computer. This way there is a paper trail for future repair scheduling.

Remember, "Caveat emptor," let the buyer beware. It's your car and your responsibility to make it known to the service department then and there.
Even when you're taking photos, like I do to, you can't see everything. Some dealers are just unbeleavable....
I bought a Seat Leon Cupra in 2009 and upon delivery it looked ok. On my way home I didn't use the soundsystem so I could enjoy the enginesound. The next day I started fiddeling with the soundsystem to ajust everything to my taste but I just couldn't get it right. It wasn't until I used the fader and left / right settings I discovered I couldn't hear anything from the left front and right backside. Phoned the dealer and they told me it would probably be a faulty software on the audiounit and they would check / replace it on the 1000 km checkup.
The next week I was washing my car and the sun was shining. I was cleaning the inside of the driversdoor and suddenly I saw blue paint through the speakercover. I looked more closely and discovered that there was no speaker there. On second inspection I found a tiny mark from a screwdriver or something that they used to take of the speakercover. The same for the right backdoor...
I immediatly drove to the dealer an confronted them with it. They first tried to give me a bunch of cr.. about that they were forgotten in the factory, but I showed them the marks and then they admitted: they had an accident damage on another car in wich they had to replace both front and backspeaker on the left side. The speakers where on backorder at that time so they found nothing better than to take them out of a new car (mine) and hope that I wouldn't notice (that's why they took one from the left and one from the right). You can imagine I wasn't to happy with that.
Later on I discovered the same dealer had cashed 800 euro from me to extend the warranty of the car for 2 more years and never transferred the money to Seat. When you came up with an issue in those two years they just told you it wasn't covered. I only discovered that because I changed dealers after the speakerstory and after a few years the aircocompressor died and the new dealer couldn't find the car in the extended waranty program. Imagine how much they could steal if they did that everytime someone payed for an extra warranty...
Since then I don't trust any dealer anymore. That said, I must admit that my Hyundai dealer has been great so far.

R Veloster N

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No believe it. There are dealers like this, sadly.

However thankfully, it's not the norm. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, is a normal practice for some dealerships. Our Hyundai dealer has always given us excellent service. Our local Nissan dealer, not so much!

I could tell you truthful stories that will curl your hair.
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