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Next geN wishlist

I would leave power alone as being top of the regular hot hatches is where I like it, if I want more I'll buy these "hyper hatches" (RS, Type R, Golf R) I don't think the intention is the fastest hatch there.

Things I would like
1) LED's
2)- The seats - while very comfortable they look a bit meh, check the ones in the GTI clubsport I love those
3)- maybe more cabin storage, an extra pocket or 2
4)- ECO mode that is eco
5)- Interior in general - just a few more N touches but this is a minor gripe, like footwell lighting or perhaps dash trim. The car in general has a theater about it that maybe the interior lacks. I would like infotainment system to go all red or maybe my dials go all red when that mode engaged.

Overall what a car and warranty. Like the piece of mind you get from a performance car. well done hyundai.
Simple question.

Knowing what you know now, what would you like to see on the next generation of i30N?

For me, I'd like to see:
1. An ECO mode that will actually make a decent MPG or L/100km
2. Flappy paddle gearbox (which I believe is in development)
A car that doesnt revert back to normal mode every fricking time I shut it off.This is my only complaint so far with my VN