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New owner from Wales


New Member
Sep 30, 2020
South Wales
Hi guys, Got my micron grey i30N 2 weeks ago now and have enjoyed every second so far.

Part ex'd my 325d LCI in for it which I do miss I must admit but I am enjoying driving so much more now.

Already got around to getting the creaking steering issue sorted, hyundai technicians showed me what they had to do to be fair to them.

I've also upgraded the rear indicators and reverse lights with LEDs which were recommended from another member so thank you guys!.

And finally for personal preference I had to get mudflaps as I just think they look great on the car lol!. Waiting for the red sill panels to be delivered and fitted and that'll be me a super happy guy!.

Also does anyone know what the best products for removing very small/light scratches from the front/rear bumpers.??
Noticed one or two very small light ones after picking the car back up from Hyundai as they washed it..typical!!