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New i30 Fastback N in Sydney

Picked up my new shadow grey i30 fastback N with lux pack and sunroof a few days ago. Have waited 3 months to finally get the car. It replaces my 12 year old Renault Megane diesel which I owned since new. The Megane was a great car with heaps of grunt (300 Nm of torque) and great fuel economy, but things were starting to wrong with it.

Loving the new car, and still learning all the features and settings. Can't wait to get it run in, so I can give it some stick.

My other car is a 2017 Lotus Elise Sport 220.
Thats awesome mate but dang 3 months wait wouldve been torture. I ordered mine 13/8 last month and couldve picked up 23/8 but needed to get finances in order so picked up 28/8.

I got a ER i30n hatchback base model also in sydney. Sat in the fastback at the dealership and the rear window thru the rear mirror gave me tunnel vision it was that narrow. How are you finding the rear window? Im glad I got the hatchback tho ;)
If I wanted white, I could have had the car straight away. They had to order in the SG and I was determined to get the colour of my choice, especially as I will be keeping the car for a long time.

The restricted vision out of the rear window doesn't really bother me. I'm sort of used to it, with my Lotus having a rear window about the size of a letter box slot (although it is only 6 inches behind my head!). I just use the two exterior mirrors a bit more.
can you guys do me a favour i picked up my fastback 2 weeks ago and i had someone put ceramic coating on it today. He told me to smell inside the boot which i thought was a funny request. So I did and there is a funny smell there particularly on the top left corner of the boot lid. it smells like burnt plastic/petrol. the favour is.... can you guys smell yours since ours are abiut the same age and let me know if you have the same smell? I'm not joking or geeing you up.
I have missed out on a 7 year warranty by only a few weeks.

I rang Hyundai, just in case, as a gesture of goodwill, they would give it to me. I got the answer I was expecting. Only cars bought from October 1st get the new 7 year warranty. Even if I had taken delivery on September 30th, I would have missed out :(