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i have leather interior and sunroof, along with heated/ventilated seats & heated steering wheel.
That's not fair!!:p

Like to have both actually but Hyundai didn't see fit to provide us the option.:) Oh well!! Anyone got a couple of cheap Korean or Canadian seats and a jigsaw?:eek:
Ventilated seats?, what does it do exactly?, blow air up your hole? Lol
LMAO!! I think this might possibly come in hand once in a while.:p
We do not. We only get the performance package which does not come with all the fancy comfort features. Which in my opinion makes it a true performance car.
Not totally true. In Canada we get the heated driver and passenger seats and a heated steering wheel. These aren't exactly performance mods, personally I think those are fancy comfort features.
You'd think Australia would get ventilated seats....
not for the N unfortunately. But the kona loan car i got when i dropped my N in for service had vented seats. And its amazing! Its like aircon seats, it cooled my ass and back down quick lol had to turb it off it was to cold..all cars should have it especially in brisbane lol