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N Halo car confirmed


I wonder what that will be.
I reckon a fall back to the old coupe style, 2 seater.
So far that’s what they’re saying also possible AWD and a hybrid drivetrain somewhere north of 300+ hp .Nothing set in stone yet but Biermann has pretty much free rain to do as he pleases with Hyundai and with how much success he’s having so far with N cars I can’t see them putting the brakes on anything he can cook up
So far that’s what they’re saying also possible AWD and a hybrid drivetrain somewhere north of 300+ hp .Nothing set in stone yet but Biermann has pretty much free rain to do as he pleases with Hyundai and with how much success he’s having so far with N cars I can’t see them putting the brakes on anything he can cook up
Current rumor is a midship AWD 2 seater with an I4 380ps engine.
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So basically a rally car? :D
I'm guessing something like these with an addition of electrified front wheels because I can't imagine Hyundai just bump the Theta-II 2.0 T-GDI engine right up to 380ps, or develop a completely new engine just for the halo car.


BMW already has a suspiciously similar car, in line with rumored specs. BMW i8 has a 143ps motor which drives the front wheels and 1.5L 231ps midship turbo engine which drives the rear wheels (374ps system power), thus it is an AWD car. And it was released before Albert Biermann left BMW.


If Hyundai use the same setup and replace the motor on front with a slightly beefed-up one (170ps), it would be close to 374ps with Gamma 1.6 T-GDI engine and 445ps with Theta II 2.0 T-GDI engine. If it follows the tradition so far(1.6 T-GDI for the regular beefed-up version and 2.0 T-GDI for N), maybe base trim of the halo car features a 374ps powertrain while the N car produces 445ps.

One thing that doesn't fit the rumored specs is the weight of i8 (1535kg DIN weight, 1610kg EU weight, which is quite heavier than the rumor), even though it has a carbon tub and alloy frame configuration.

However, it is a plug-in hybrid car, so it has a much bigger/heavier battery pack(11.6 kWh), compare to the performance oriented hybrids (LaFerrari 2.3kWh, NSX 1.3kWh, LC500h 1.1 kWh, Q50S Hybrid 1.4kWh). I think 40-60kg shaving just from the battery pack is pretty easy, since 100-150A continuous discharge current (or 300A maximum discharge current) is pretty common for the latest HEV batteries (and you would need a 50kg battery pack for continuous power of 170ps/125kW or 25kg battery for maximum power of 170ps/125kW).

The other thing that doesn't fit the Hyundai is its pricing. Something starts at $147.5k(US)/€138k(DE) is not Hyundai at all. But that's a BMW pricing and Alfa Romeo 4C (which also has a carbon structure) is starting at $66k. I think $60-80k halo car is somewhat doable for Hyundai.
I like everything you said but the only problem I see Is the price. The Genesis are fantastic cars but nobody buys them. Even at the rock bottom prices they sell for. I think If they really wanted to sell a car with this setup it’d need to be 40-50k. Hyundai still needs to build a pedigree for th N cars before they start asking for M and Alfa money. And I’m pretty sure they’re aware of that. They priced both the I30N and VN right and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do the same for the midship
If it's in fact a 445ps AWD midship car weighs in at 3,000lbs range, they wouldn't want to sell any car at $40k, let alone selling many cars, because they'll lose money big time on every cars rolling out the factory door.

445ps/3,000lbs midship AWD car is not something in line with Alfa 4C or M2/3/4. That's something sits inbetween NSX/R8 and 718 Cayman GT4/Evora GT430. Average price of these cars is $130k, and $60k is already less than a half, which is a good enough price IMO.

Furthermore, this is not an uncommon price for the halo cars coming from non-premium brands. Rather, it is common pricing practice for the first timers. First gen NSX was priced at $62k in 1991 ($115k in 2018 USD). R35 (which is now hovering at $100k) was priced at $70k in 2008 ($82k in 2018 USD). Both NSX and R35 were capable of murdering the 964 Turbo/997 Turbo, and both were priced at slightly above the half of 964 Turbo($100k)/997 Turbo($130k).

Slightly above the half of 991.2 Turbo($160-190k) is $90-100k and the figures for 992.1 Turbo would be a bit higher than this. But I don't think it would be capable of murdering 991.2/992.1 Turbo, unless they do something like 3.3 T-GDI(370ps) + 170ps motor (540ps system horsepower). Hence, something slightly less than the half seems perfectly reasonable to me and that's $60-70k. It's still a steal.

Lastly, no one ever sells these kind of cars a lot. Nissan has sold about 20,000 units of GT-R worldwide for the last 10 years, but that's about 1/3 of Genesis G80 sales in 2017 alone (40k in Korea, 16k in US). Same goes for R8, i8, NSX, etc. Only two exceptions are 911 and Corvette (avg 30k per year).
I truly don’t think you’ll see something that high of HP and exotic off the bat. I think they’re shooting for more of the 350 range combined between electric and gas. I think what we’ll actually see will be something like a GTR/STI hybrid. I think they’ll eventually scrap the 2 seater idea and throw some dummy seats in the back like the GTR. And I think they may sell a performance pack with 400hp like they did with other N models. I think once these cars catch on and they soften the American hearts more they’ll get crazy. But Hyundai still has a stigma behind it in the states and other places and people can’t appreciate the company for what it is and how far it’s become because of the tarnished image from the 80-90s. I still have people to this day walk in my door on a weekly basis and tell me my cars are junk and we ask too much money for them. Also people still come in asking for a 8k brand new car like the days of the excel and pony. I truly think for this car to catch on and for it to really put it on the map they need to be very frugal with pricing but not too frugal to make the car “cheap”. I’m still sticking to that price range between the STI and GTR. Once we build the cult following these other brands have then we’ll really see Hyundai start to get crazy but for now I’m sticking to more of the conservative side.