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May 2, 2018

I have had a few requests from O/S for the aussie version of the stickers. I am happy to post overseas, just add $2 AUD to the total cost to cover the overseas postage. Last batch I sent OS cost me $3 AUD for postage and took about 2 weeks to get there.

Make sure you let me know you are O/S, so I can give you my Paypal address for easy payment.

I still have a few stickers left, probably less than 1 dozen now....

The Aussie stickers have arrived!

First run is small. They are almost perfect, if I ever do another batch, I would make a couple of very small changes to the design/colours.

As previously stated, the stickers are vinyl transfer stickers, so just the logo and letters, NO clear (opaque) background die-cut excess, they look shmick. Look that one up in an urban dictionary all of you foreigners... LOL

Here is the three colours: (under the top sheet)

Stickers are 20 cm long (roughly), and about 3cm high, not too big and garish, and fit neatly (just) on the rear quarter window.

As you can see from the picture above, there is a definite difference between the white and grey N when on a white background, but when viewed on a dark background like privacy glass (or my laptop), the light grey is almost indistinguishable from the white.

NOTE! The hyphen on my laptop is a little skew-whiff (not straight). Caused by rapid and careless application of a sample sticker. With a little care and caution, these stickers apply perfectly.

The blue is not quite PB. It is a little too dark, the colour got a bit lost in the translation from computer screen to sticker. But as the printer said to me, the blue will probably fade a little in the sun, and will soon enough be much closer to PB. The white will not fade obviously....

View attachment 845

I don't mind the colour, and the two people I asked today which sticker they liked the best said the blue one. If it really irks you that it is not PB, get a white or grey one!

The white one: (the one to pick if you have the side skirt stickers IMO)

View attachment 844

The very light grey one (on the right back corner):

View attachment 846

View attachment 4737
The cost.......

Buy ONE sticker $5.00 posted to you in a DL envelope (as safely packed as possible) anywhere in Australia.
Buy TWO stickers $9.00
Buy THREE stickers $13.00
Buy FOUR stickers $17.00
BUY FIVE or more stickers $20.00 (free postage) plus $4.00 per additional sticker over 5.

You are welcome to pick up from me if you are in Brisbane. At just $1.00 postage to cover the cost of the stamp, it is probably cheaper (for you) to have them posted to you, rather than spend an hour coming to collect, but I am always happy to meet a fellow enthusiast and have a chat about cars.

If you are overseas (NZ etc.) please email me. It is a max of $3.00 anywhere in the world.

I only have about 20 of each colour, so be quick.

Please email me at david@pchh.com.au with your order, make sure to tell me what colour/s and how many you want. I will reply ASAP with my bank details (and my phone number), and as soon as I have received the payment, I will post the sticker/s to you the next day. You can pay by Paypal if you are overseas.

PLEASE include your FULL name and postal address in the email, so I know where to send them to!

Cheers, David

Hi Mr. David, i sent you a mail for the request of 2 stickers in black color for my arriving MY2021 i30N.