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Wheels Locking wheel nut issue

Hello my first post here after only having the car under two weeks. Today I noticed I had a flat, took to local tyre garage to see if can plug and order new , to find I couldn’t find the locking wheels but key. After ringing the dealer ship where the car came from ( over 2hrs drive)!they cannot find it there and trying to contact previous owner for me. My local dealerships seem neglected to help me out, and told me with out the julian code or key box , because each car is bespoke key and my only option I have, is to get them”knock off”. Tbh I have no idea what this is? I’ve never had this issues with previous cars. I was just looking to see if anyone else has had this issue ? And how they resolved it ? Would dealer ships have master or a skeleton key?


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Locking wheel nuts are very very easy to get off without a key but makes allot of noise, if you give authorisation im sure the garage can get them off, pop to auto shop get a new set less hassle