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Just had confirmation my i30N is on order :D

I was also told was stock cars only, had to be ordered by 30/11/19, purchased performance blue from motorline Worcester, £690 negative equity added to payments, £3000 deposit, £282 month, £12775 final payment. 36mths, collecting Friday :) total £25,927all in 4.9% apr.
Very similar deal here:-

Performance blue with paint protection added

Deposit £0
£345 a month for 48 months
OFP £10400
Miles 8k
APR 4.9
Fair play thats good, i dont know how i got the same price for 15k miles but im not complaining hah... Its obvious that they are just trying to clear stocks out, the special addition is coming and then the new i30N is basically ready... But then there will also be a price raise with that i bet.