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Interior Radio control


Nov 12, 2019
was wondering if anyone by any chance had the part number for this piece (photo attached) I know some regular Veloster’s have the red outline and was looking for the red outline instead of the blue on the Veloster N (I’m looking to make everything that’s baby blue to red, if it’s possible lol) thanks!689C2AB8-5CB0-4406-9A76-8795EDD649E8.jpegD8BC9886-8D5D-4EB3-AB7C-49A051642A0F.jpeg
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R Veloster N

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Mar 5, 2019
Rocky Mountains, US
This V is for the 2019 Veloster with button start but I don't know what the Type 1 and 5 are as far as color. They aren't specified.

This v is for the Veloster N;

It's possibly this v one;

96540J. Keyboard Assy 96540-J3000-RWS. Normally with such nomenclature of RWS would signify Red but I'm not certain. It's something you're going to have to address directly with a Hyundai Parts Tech.

Suggestions 1 is; to go to your dealer, ask the part tech and take them to see what you're wanting. They can verify the part number as correct and then either order it from them or an online Hyundai Parts Vendor.

Suggestion 2 is; Give them a call and tell the what you want with the various part numbers and see if they can verify which is the correct color unit.