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i30n vs golf R vs type R

Well I guess we know our N is not the strongest when it comes to reaching top speed. The results are as expected. The Honda doesn't belong in the same class as the i30, neither does the Golf R to me. Both are superior in their performance and both cost way more than the N.
The Golf R with it's AWD is superior at launching, has a DSG, 25 hp more at 2k rpm less and even peak torque lasts quite short in our N.
Soundwise though I think I know which one I'd choose over and over again ;)
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I've had onroad battles with both, and the handling of the N puts it surprisingly close to the Golf R through suburban streets with some roundabouts and 90 degree corners thrown into the mix (straightline different story of course). This is assuming that the Golf drivers have had similar balls/skill (or lack thereof) as I. But the Type R is in a league of its own, moreso in the real world than on paper - I got whipped even more than I was expecting (which was alot). I really can't believe it is even considered to be a competitor of the N, GTI, anything out of France, or even the Golf R.

A bit sick of comparisons between the Honda and the Hyundai (or anything else really) considering power outputs and price - beyond mismatched IMO. The Type R is a standalone vehicle which should revel in its loneliness.


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A bit sick of comparisons between the Honda and the Hyundai (or anything else really) considering power outputs and price

It's nice that the i30N gets mentioned at the same time as the Golf R and Type R but the constant comparison of 3 cars that don't compare is annoying. IF there wasn't around £5-10K between them AND IF the i30N had the same power or AWD then it'd be acceptable.


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1. Type R $62k drive away
2. Golf R $66k driveaway auto only
3. N Performance Luxury $48K drive away

14k or 18k cheaper recommended retail as per manufacturers websites

I know you can get discounts on all these cars, they are selling MY18 Type R's for $56k drive away, seems like quite a few, so appears only so many people can stomach that look. (coming from a complete Honda fanboy). Otherwise it is an awesome car, with a real gearbox.

Golf R, about the same price drive away $56k for a 2018 7.5 Golf R, BIG discount, my guess is the N took some of their usually guaranteed sales.

I paid $45k driveway for N Performance with Luxury Pack. $11k is a lot of dosh, these cars are in a totally different price bracket.

Golf GT1 7.5 ($51K retail) starts at $48K drive away, so this is much closer in price to N. Multiple tests have proven the N is faster than the GTI, and way more fun with the manual transmission (which is now NOT available in the GTI in Oz). (except in original with only 2 doors).

My budget determined which car I bought, but if I had $60k to spend, I am pretty sure Hyundai would still have got my money....


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These reviewers wear on my nerves but interesting video!

IMO I think a DSG Golf R would clean up the Civic R - at least from a standing start.

But again like @Corsa59 states with the price differences – Totally different classes.

When I did my search around last year (Aus, Brisbane prices for reference);
I30N Performance (base model/no-frills) $41-42k+
Honda Civic Type R $57-58k+
Golf R $60k+

Hard to walk past a car that is ~2/3 the price and 90% as “Sporty” as 2 cars that are considered “proper/hyper hot hatches”

With the Tunebox installed I haven’t found much on the road that gives us too much trouble from a rolling start or around corners.

Mind you more often than not it’s falcon/commodores trying to go you from the lights which is always fun to see their faces after a Hyundai whips them.

I did get walked on by a A45 AMG and Kia Stinger of all things the other night (believe both were auto) just ran out of legs at higher speeds to the Stinger but man those A45's launch hard...