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i30 N I30N Ring Taxi


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Jun 30, 2018
Germany · Schleswig-Holstein
So originally it was to be a TCR car variant now its just a standard i30N.

I wouldn't be giving them my 199€ to go for a lap thanks. Such a shame, hopefully they bring something more special out from May.

I mean the N Taxi is driven during normal TF, a car needs to be road legal in order to be driven then :D
What you could do is participate in the Hyundai Driving Experience. I think they have a Nordschleife Trackday now where the TCR should be able to drive as well


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Mar 27, 2019
Totally I get that TF is for road legal cars, I'm guessing the TCR is too much trouble to make road legal, also this year the taxi operators are subject to third-party TÜV inspections at their own cost...

I've looked at the HDE days as I want to drive Blisterberg. I wouldn't do one of their days at the Nordschleife as I do a lot of TF and track days there already (when we are allowed to travel that is)
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