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i30 N i30N (PDeN) and Elantra GT (PD) mirror cross-compatability


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Dec 17, 2018
Innsbruck, Austria
Hey folks!

Since all of this was bit of a confusing process for me I've decided to share my findings regarding the cross-compatability of Elantra GT / i30 PD (international) parts to our i30N PDeN (europe-specific) cars, more specifically the wing mirrors.

The OEM PDe-spec wing mirrors have puddle lights and no blind-spot monitoring (yet - Facelift will):

Here's the i30 PD mirros I ordered from the USA; they've got blind-spot monitoring but no puddle light:

The reason why I've created this thread is mainly to highlight the subtle differences between the PD and PDe mirrors because mirror covers are not cross-compatible between them (like the CF covers from Sharkracing in Korea won't fit PDe mirrors). So if you want to get CF mirrors on your N like me, you'll have to order PD-spec mirrors from somewhere and fit them to your N, which will remove the puddle light.

Also to note is that it's quite easy to swap the outer part of the mirror over and keep the OEM stalk in case there's fitting issues or damage.
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