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i30N Fastback incoming!


Oct 19, 2019
South Devon
Afternoon all.

New Hyundai owner here! Specifically the one below:


All the vinyl is coming off. It's a bit too 'in your face' for me. One of many things that appeals to me about the i30N is it isn't too 'in your face'.

So, why am I getting this one? It's six months old, an ex-demo with 2500 miles on it. I've watched it for the last fortnight and the local dealer had just reduced it a touch so I thought I'd take it for a drive yesterday.

I've had quick cars in the past, and my wife has a 2012 Leon Cupra R so I thought that would be a good reference point. And, of course, I've watched all the UK Youtube videos that I could.

I took it for a long drive. About 45 minutes and 30 miles and mix of as many roads I could. Twisties, dual carriageways, 20mph zone, etc, etc and as I reached the end I thought 'Yep, I'm buying this'.

Very, very impressive. The only negative I found was a dashboard buzz on the very roughest bit of local dual carriageway but not enough to be bothered about.

What did I like about it? Everything! It really is a car for all seasons. The gearbox, the handling, N mode (of course), the seats, the way it looks, etc, etc.

So, it'll be with me next Saturday. I am, erm, a bit excited.