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I30N Base stock dyno run results

today I made the dyno run of my i30n base.

I have pipercross filter and lid off.

Result is quite interesting +41Nm over stock 353Nm.

Adding filter and taking the lid off really makes the difference especially in the low rews. Turbo builds boost a lot quicker a car really pulls a lot better from 2.5k rpm. I can hear the whistle that intake air makes without the lid, and now I can hear the blow off valve is really working :)

On the high revs there isn't any difference which is proven with the max result of 248 hp.


Cygnus X-1

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Assuming this is the i30N250 as you said base. Would’ve been nice to see a composite graph showing results of:
  • Closed airbox with the OEM air filter
  • Open airbox with OEM air filter
  • Closed airbox with PC air filter
  • Open airbox with PC air filter
Then we could really see the differences each change makes.

Oh well, maybe next time... Was there a correction factor applied? Didn’t see SAE, STD, etc.

Also important to monitor intake air temperature (IAT), engine coolant temperature (ECT), oil temperature and attempt to start every dyno run at near-identical values for consistency.


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What (if any) is the benefit to the lid being removed from the air box? I mean, it’s not a danger or anything I’m sure, as a custom intake system won’t be boxed in, but just wondering?

Cygnus X-1

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Removal of the airbox lid will result in less airflow restriction (air filter will be able to inhale more easily), but at the expense of slightly higher intake temperatures. More of an issue when the car is at rest with high ambient underhood temperatures than when the car is moving.
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