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i30 N Performance track & daily

According to Hyundai they did some modifications to prevent wheel slip like towing it extra hard onto the dyno. However i saw another graph oh that dyno and that had so much loss, too. So maybe it's dyno-specific. I don't know.

Did another small mod recently to be able to participate the GLP series on Nordschleife:

Also on April, 17th the car will get some foil mods


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Today i took care of the intake. I can't image where the engine get it's air from.
This is with mounted front skirt on the left:

And this without the front:

You can see that below it's shut by the plastic frame for the coolers and above there is the front skirt sitting.

It has to be cut out for the CAI to fit:

I also wrapped the engine side of the air filter box and pipe with heat protection tape:

This is how it looks now:

I don't think we have to replace the air filter.
By doing the "blow"-test you won't recognize any resistance.
Can't believe an aftermarket filter will do a better job since we don't have a paper filter like other cars.

However this part connects the front with the new CAI and the pipe going in the airbox:

For me the bars take way too much space.

I also mounted some "shield" to optimize brake cooling:

This is were the air gets in:

We have enough wind shield cleaner to trave the world twice i guess btw.

And here it comes out:

Brake pads are almost done after 4500km and 29laps Nordschleife:

I also checked the wiring for left hand SSA "optimization":
What do you mean by SSA ?
It's an extra modula what gets plugged between button and car what remembers the last state of the SSA. So when i had it on off it will turn it off again after the next startup automatically.


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8x18 ET50 and 225/40 R18 tyres? Last year I used 8Jx18 ET50 Autec Wizards with 245/40 R18 track tyres with original camber in front and rear and no problems on track.
Do you have that -2.45 degrees of camber in front? How much negative camber you have in rear?
All wheels have 2°45'
Have you measured the real width of your tyres and which ones did you use?
The AR-1 are 5-10mm wider then their 225 label suggests.

And regarding TUV in germany...
For 235 and 245 wheels the certificates says that the fenders have to be modified (what expects stock camber).
235 on 8x19ET55 are the stock tires, so with 225 on 8x18ET50 you should have 10mm more space on the inside and the same space to the fender. Even if the tires are 5-10mm wider, you should be far off from having issues unless you lowered your car too much.