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i20N - Reviews, Discussion, Info (Everything goes in here please)


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Dec 2, 2020
United Kingdom
From what I've seen reported elsewhere, some countries the LSD will be standard & other countries it will be an optional extra.

We will just have to wait for final launch specifications to be released from Hyundai.


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Jul 10, 2019
Concerning the GR Yaris: I fully agree is in a different segment really, both price and performance. 200 hp in a small lightweight car seems a proven formula that Hyundai wanted to do. Makes sense as the there will be no new Clio RS, no Peugeot 208 GTI. Polo GTI is automatic only and supposed not very involving. In its class that leaves pretty much Fiesta ST as only peer.

I think they have made an effort to keep weight down and just intended to provide a very “rounded package” (not hardcore or extreme in any specific way). Also much beyond 200 hp could create issues with putting down power (without a 4 wheel system) in slippery conditions which some might not appreciate. Keeping it at 200hp also means the tax level will be a bit more manageable in certain markets (at least here in EU). One reason I’m not getting the GR Yaris is the super high tax cost for such as small car where I live. Here Fiesta ST, Polo GTI etc. are quite a bit more affordable in yearly tax than GR Yaris and the class above (I30n etc.).

I am excited to see options, colours etc. The press release on i20n says 6 colours (w. black roof option) but then on this (newer) page it says 7 colours...


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Nov 3, 2020
North Hampshire
I can't help feeling the Yaris GR is so capable (far more than I am as driver!) that I'd never experience anything near the full spectrum of its handing on the public road, not without risking my licence. I won't ever do a track day, so with my sensible head on, the i20N is probably all the performance I'd ever need. Hopefully it won't be so very capable that it can't still be a bit unruly when conditions aren't great, which is a bit childish I know but at least it's fun!

As for colours, there's a lot of surfaces and maybe a bit too many different finishes (black, red, chrome etc). I'm not a fan of black cars but I might consider it to tone down the look. But as ever, I guess you need to see it in the metal.
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