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ICE Hyundai Navigation & Map Updater.

Okay, I'm behind the curve - It appears that the November 2022 Update Release (previously ending .221129) has quietly been further updated to version .221223 🤓! I only found out when enquiring about why my Bluelink App was not updating the Odometer reading and C/S informed me that my vehicles software was out of date. FML, here we go again, another hour of sitting in the car twiddling my thumbs... Screencap of applicable vehicles inserted below for info:
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Does it do anything else other than let Bluelink now read the mileage - if not, I might not bother.

Strange, I just checked the version via Bluelink and it states I have OS_PE.EUR.S5W_L.001.001.221129 in the vehicle - notably the "N" is missing - starts with OS and not OSN? I will check in the vehicle tomorrow to verify

The system model is OSNAS.S5BLC.AEU which on your chart has now changed to start with OSNBS.
Does it do anything else other than let Bluelink now read the mileage?...
I really don't know. It just happened to fix that issue after the update.
The strange thing is that the release notification on the Hyundai Update Website hasn't changed, it's still listed as 'November 2022 Navigation Map & Software Update' which as we know updated the software to OS_PE.EUR.S5W_L.001.001.221129 (the last six digits denote the naming convention for 29 Nov 22), which I applied before Christmas last year.
It was only after being told I was out-of-date by Hyundai HQ that I checked the associated 'List of Eligable Vehicles' and found out that a further update had been released circa 23 Dec 22 - otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue!
I wonder if the next release will be OSNCS? Oooh, where's my popcorn, I'm on the edge of my seat now. Yeah, nothing much happens in retirement ... 😆
Yeah, nothing much happens in retirement ... 😆
Tell me about it....:cool:

I think they make it up as they go - in several places in the files and the car it says this is Q2 2022 version - I thought that finished in June 22?

Our Mazda CX-30 latest update also states Q2 2022 even though the update was Jan 2023! At least debatably easier to do - you bring the SD card into your computer - still takes ages but at least you are in the warm and can get on with other things.
Just updated mine this afternoon - different warnings on screen again this time, not verbatim but similar to:-

1) Verifying download - do not remove the USB stick. Then after about 20 minutes-

2) Update will proceed when you turn your vehicle off - with a progress bar showing 0% for about 6 minutes - seeing I was away from home I started to think that nothing would happen until I turned it off! Trouble is it does not say how long it has to be off before you can restart the engine - I did not want to be parked in a lay-by for an hour! Luckily after 6 or 7 minutes of driving it changed to 1% so I kept going.

3) Took quite a while to update - I noticed the screen when it got to 98% progress and thought we were nearly done BUT next time I looked it was back to Verifying download - do not remove the USB stick so I thought it had crashed out and was starting again!

4) Quite quickly it then changed to another Update will proceed when you turn your vehicle off and again quite quickly started the update progress bar so I guessed this was a different module being loaded?

5) Just about 2 miles from home it finally informed me the update was complete and would I like to see what's new - selecting yes I am told to try again when the vehicle is parked which infers you have turned the vehicle off so you won't see anything as the display would be off - it should say "When the vehicle is stationary in park mode"

What a total palaver JUST to cure a bug they gifted in the last update!

It seems they have put a huge amount of time and effort into adding and improving "background" sounds - WTF! Who cares or wants them? I would much rather have the decent graphic icons back and ditch the "sounds" along with being able to see Tyre Pressures and MPG in the Bluelink app which, it seems is only being developed further for EV's?

Observations -

A) If the map data had not changed (showing the same version) then why did we have to download and update it - the one part that probably takes a long time?

B) It would be very helpful to have more information on the update screen - Total progress, Module progress, how long you have to turn the car off for before you can restart it or even the info that you do not need to turn your car off to continue the update! When you think of the amount of R&D and technology that went into the vehicle you get the impression that the half arsed methodology and documentation for updating is severely lacking. Where is the provision for OTA updates and AA wireless (coming soon was promised on the website in October 22)? I have several devices which regularly download and update OTA and without fail they always give clear and concise instructions and progress information on screen. Of course the answer is that Hyundai UK do not want to cover the data download cost using the built in communication SIM!

Sorry for the rant but I just find the process irritating and ill-conceived especially as it was only required due to incompetence in the first place!

At least I can now see the odometer reading in the app now!
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Yup, it's an absolutely garbage update routine. Downloading the software (even to a fast datastick) seems to take an age too. Once I'd plugged in the USB and clicked on [update] I drove around for around 40 minutes whilst the car did its stuff - the only reason I did that was to avoid having to idle the car on our driveway...
Yes, I forgot the time it takes to download to the USB stick in the first stage. Mine actually failed the first try this time - probably doing too many other things with the PC - so I had to download again!

What makes me laugh is the warning that leaving your vehicle idling for the duration of the update may be contrary to local laws and emission regulations o_O

Still, as long as you remember to cancel the Stop/Start thingy then with an automatic you can go for a drive and not worry that you might stall and glitch the battery volts when you restart, just in the wrong part of the upgrade!
Just took a look at mine and it appears to be of a 11Feb22 software vintage.

I have had a play with the super slow "Nav Updater" on the PC and it's only offering me 2022-11-23 (Nov 2022) but I see above, a reference to a 23 December 2022 version??

Where did you guys Dnld this December one from?

1st pic is the version I have now
2nd is what's downloading, I'm assuming its the 23Novemeber version by what the grey bar at the bottom is showing


  • Nav Version 20Mar23.jpg
    Nav Version 20Mar23.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2023-03-26 154441.jpg
    Screenshot 2023-03-26 154441.jpg
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If you are using the NavUpdater then it'll download the version as listed in the associated 'List of Eligable Vehicles' document. The date you are seeing in the updater is the date of the Notification, which was 23 Nov 2022. That date hasn't changed, it's the actual contents of the download that have (as per the linked document). Hope that helps?
Cheers bud, it was just looking like I was not getting the latest but good to know I was.

I have it on USB so will have a go at the update sometime soon. I can't wait to hear the new nature sounds "not"
My clocks still at GMT, I will change them before I go to bed

Not forgot, just not got around to it yet
Come on, this is the 21st century, my 2 watches and most of the clocks update themselves to summer/winter :cool:

.... and both cars of course!
Got the 23Dec22 update completed today, took about 20 miles, the new feature I thought I was going to get, being the ability to set the sound parameters individually for each type of audio is not quite that.

It looks like its some kind of "QLS" sound effect setting in a quick-menu that I don't have as mine only has a "Live-Dynamic" button?

Hey Ho, at least it upgraded with the awesome new background sounds that I will have playing 100% of the time now
Hey Ho, at least it upgraded with the awesome new background sounds that I will have playing 100% of the time now

No, I don't think so somehow👌

I hope nobody finds out if it automatically starts playing the "log fire" effect if your engine catches fire🔥