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Hyundai i30N wins Bathurst 6 Hour!


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Jan 19, 2018
Ok, it didn't win, it came 11th (and 14th) outright out of 44 cars, but it did win it's class.

The winning car came from LAST on the grid after a crash on the first day of practice to take the lead in Class C with 6 1/2 minutes to go, beating an E36 M3, a VW Sirocco, a couple of BMW 130s, and a Mazda RX8.

The only Golf (Class B) in the series was an R, and it came 25th, 12 laps behind the N. It was faster, but obviously broke down at some point. Typical! :)

No Ford Focii, Meganes, JCW Minis or Peugeots dared show their faces, after all it is an endurance race...

Well done N Gen Racing...