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How to: Remove wing mirror


Staff member
Feb 4, 2019
Finally received my replacement wing mirror from Poland so figured I'd do a quick guide when I swapped my broken one out earlier.

Tools required:
10mm socket/wrench
Small-ish posi screwdriver
Trim removal tool (not essential but helps)

Time required: all of 10mins!

Step 1
Remove interior trim piece on door corner using trim tool (or your fingers) and you will be presented with this....

Step 2
Unplug electrical connector
Remove the 3 off 10mm bolts (watch out you don't drop the washers)
Marvel the wing mirror is still attached to car!!

Step 3
The small white plastic "security pin" needs unscrewing to fully remove the wing mirror. HOLD the wing mirror on outside!!
Don't lose the screw or plastic pin.
Remove assy from car.


To refit:
Step 4
Screw the white plastic pin back onto the assy BEFORE offering the mirror back onto car.


Step 5
Line up and push wing mirror back onto car using white pin to locate mirror.
Refit 10mm bolts.
Plug connector back in.

Step 6
Refit interior trim.

Done, the end, finito etc etc