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How To: LED Interior

Trying to change my glovebox I blew two fuses so either the bulbs weren’t good or the system couldn’t handle all the LED’s. Lesson learnt the hard way
I did the same, mostly my incompetence but did have concerns over the cheap LEDs (some are a bit flickery) . Happy that it was only fuses that were blown though (and cheap to replace).
So the general census is that even if the LED's do cause damage it's generally only going to be the fuses that fail ?

I'm confused how other sufferers had their BCU fry when the fuses should have gone first.


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@Maverick, nobody said on this forum or on this car, but as a general warning it seems fair enough. "Buy cheap buy twice".
Buy the right one and don't buy twice. I thought like you do, but I often have had problems. No problem with my interior LEDs or licence plate LEDs since day 1 (Now ~10 months - total cost maybe 20€ for 5kits. - 10Leds for ~2€, some with a bit more power.)

Got some "quality" LEDs from "well-known manufacturers" (osram / phillips) and often had problems with temperatures and flickering after a while.
If you know what you need and are familiar with it, you can save much money. The shops also buy everything from china, test it and sell it for a lot of money. Here laziness and ignorance are exploited.


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I'm not sure that paying for professionals to test your electronics to reduce the risk of failure is "lazy and ignorant", for me it's a conscious decision. Failure while in use and the consequent hassle of returning the product for replacement and doing the job three times outweighs the extra cost for me.