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How To: Launch Control

You van only Launch once in a Couple of minutes. It does not work to try and give it the next try 2 minutes later. Maybe that could be the Problem. Is your oil hot enough? Seatbelts on? Cruise Control !OFF!? The thing with your hands should not be the Problem..
Everything is to the requirements. Ok I didn't know about the 2 minute rule.

My question is, do I need to worry about how fast I put the gas pedal down? I push it down pretty fast, to the floor.

Does the speed between each step matter? (clutch in, 1st gear, foot off brake, pedal to floor)? Do I need to do these steps in a quick and swift motion? Or do I have to wait 0.5 seconds between each step? I tried both quick and and slow, it doesn't get it on the first go.

I'll give it another shot tomorrow.

Side question, due to all the high revving that happens during my trials, does it f*ck the clutch bearings or anything else? Normally when u rev the car for the pops and crackles, you do it while the car is idling and the clutch is engaged, not disengaged. Is there any strain on the clutch train by revving the car in that matter?

There's a slight "white" noise that I can hear now a days when I engage the clutch while the car is idling in neutral. Try it next time for me. Turn off the aircon so you can hear the difference between clutch in, and clutch out. When the car is idling and the clutch is disengaged, it's complete quietness. When you take your foot off the clutch and engage it with the motor, you can hear a rotational sound, mechanical, almost like a sound similar to friction between the bearings and the shaft. Don't know, maybe I got paranoid since the failed attempts, but I only picked up on it when I turned off the AC unit after parking the car in the garage. It's not a concerning sound, it's just a sound of sorts. Is it normal to hear something?


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I've tried all of the above never us cruise so presume it's totally off and I cant manage to launch it... il have another go tomorrow