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Brakes How much brake fluid?


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I am removing the stock fluid and replacing it with better performance stuff but does anyone know how much the i30n performance takes at all? I cant seem to find it online, I'm guessing at 1ltr.



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That would certainly do the job. Are you changing brake lines? what fluid are you using?
My brakes have been shocking since I first pushed them and fade really quick so assuming its the fluid. I use Motul RBF660 in my track car so have a stock of it (I will need to buy some more for the I30N for a full flush) I was torn if to add lines but based on the fact my track car didn't have them braided and was fine on track, this isn't my track car so will only get the odd track use if my track car is broken & 3 it has warranty I am not fitted braided lines to it.


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Cool. I noticed a big difference changing to SRF fluid, and I use the brake cooling ducts from NextDE. Very noticable improvement on track.