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How many north east owners

Being from Sunderland myself I have not seen any other Ns on the road how many peopl from the northeast do we have on here?
When I take delivery of mine I’ll be just down the a690 at Durham. I can see this car costing a fortune in Tyne tunnel toll fees.
I live in gateshead, no im not a geordie haha! Im originally from seaham and a big sunderland fan! I have a phantom black performance model.


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North East owners, have you had experience of getting car serviced/fixed locally? I bought mine near Sheffield so haven't had any experience with local dealerships?


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Hahaha, I got performance blue mate. What about you? I've not spotted any others so i think there must only be a handful in boro?


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Just spotted I30N in linthorpe middlesbrough Reg starting BG18. Didn't realise untill last minute we were both at the junction on thornfield and oxford road.
Would be good to have a little meet up with everyone sometime in the future. Mines in busy getting stage 2 detail and ceramic coating, cant wait to see it when its done