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How good are these cars?


Staff member
Oct 28, 2018
Darwin, Australia
Supra is a badly disguised Z4 that doesn't sound or drive like a Toyota Supra. Mustang is fast down the straights, but my Unichip fixed that (proven at last track day), N eats it on the corners. Megane is French, great car, fast, horrible build quality and horrible resale value. M2, fantastic car, can't afford one. Type R, I probably would have bought that if same price as N. The N is cheap, better than average quality, reasonably good after sales service/warranty, and with Unichip-X and Powerflex purple, goes like shit off a shovel, grips like shit on a blanket, and brakes like a champion with little fade, and makes me smile every day I drive it, first car to do that for over 2 years in the last 40.....
Post of the month award to you, sir.