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How do I activate MyHyundai UK account


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Hi, I purchased my car on Monday and I tried to register for MyHyundai but I cannot get past the 2nd page where you enter your email address. It wants me to enter an activate code. What activate code?

Any help would be appreciated.




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I have :-
Owners manual
Service record book
Quick reference guide and fuel, rev-match & vehicle break-in process plastic card
Hyundai for life 2018 edition leaflet
The rest is just dealership invoices and gap and finance that I did not take out.

What does the welcome pack look like?

Please could you put up a photo of the front cover of the welcome pack that contains the activate code.

I don’t have anything that states or has a place for an activate code. I will have to look around when I get home.



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I rang MyHyundai first thing in the morning and she said she needed my details off my V5C but she would still send my activate code by email in the meantime. She had all my details because she already had my email address. Still no email unless it takes a few days to send an email.

When I got home My V5C had arrived. So tomorrow I will ring again.

Thanks for your help
What? The activate code or a full Welcome Pack? and what is a Welcome Pack?
It's a bunch of brochures that the dealer is supposed to give you when you buy a new N in the UK. Apparently they don't do that (not suprising) so you have to call myhyundai uk to get the code.


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When you go for a service is the record all in the cloud so to speak, when I had my Mazda 3 I had to ask for a paper copy of all the work done as they didn't normally do it they told me I could view it online. Well I'm a bit old school and like to have it in my hand to show prospective buyers when I sell the car.

R Veloster N

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In most countries it's the dealers responsibility to register the car in BlueLink and My Hyundai. I made sure our dealer did before we left the dealership.