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Hoping to be an i30n owner soon!


First chance for a proper blast today. Took the car on a two hour jaunt over Dartmoor. Car was properly epic. So glad with my choice.

The things that stood out the most for me are the front end and that diff, mega grip and traction into and out of the corners and the brakes which are stunning for non-branded ones, way way better than the Brembos I've had before, the feel through the pedal and stopping power is truly excellent.

The noise is also worth a mention too, constant smile on my face.

For this to be Hyundai's first hot hatch is truly incredible. Biermann is a genius.




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I would love to have an excuse to spend that long in mine, messy traffic or not :)
There is people sleeping less in a night than that! 5h siting your arse in traffic? better bring a nice pillow
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