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Hello from Germany


Feb 3, 2021
Heidelberg, Germany
Hello Community,

I joined this site in February when I started to look for the i30N. It would be my first very own car, so I desperately looked for any chance to buy it.
The wait drove me crazy but in the end it was well worth it.

It was pure coincidence that I found a car on mobile.de ready to pick up about an hour drive from me.
Quickly signed the contract, i30 Fastback N DCT, N-Seats in Phantom Black.
I picked my car up last monday, drove about 1000km already and it really is better than I would have ever imagined.

Coming from a BMW e87 116i it was obviously the power that made a big difference. But also (for me) the brilliant N-Seats and
(again, for me, coming from an older car) the newly gained comfort driving a brand new car leaves me absolutely speechless.

I LOVE the car already and I'm certain this was a good decision.

Driving in and around Heidelberg and happy to see you guys!