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Hello from Berks, UK

Wahey! Put my deposite down & looking forward to picking up a i30 N hatchback on Sat :D
Shout out to Tunbridge Wells - had an awful experience with my local dealer, turned to carwow and they had a brilliant offer and someone human to deal with.

I will miss my Octy, but this is a different beast altogether!
I was interested in 3 cars to replace it with, the MX-5, Type R, and this. Having road tested them all the i30 N was the best allround for looks, fun, convenience & customisation.
Also wanted to buy before all cars are forced to gearless battery/hydrogen/methane...

Been checking out all the bits and bobs people have been doing, very impressive and a great resource


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Ah ok yeah when I was looking for mine they had bad reviews online, I found reading Hyundai to be a bit rude when we were looking for my mrs’ car, I got mine in Gloucester they were sound, but of course they’re gonna be when your waving money around, who knows