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Headlining Rattle


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i have the same problem like you. I have an i30 N-line with panoramic roof and when the weather is not warmer i have rattle on the pano roof.
I have allready fix the rattle around th sunglasses holder but i have have noise on passagers side.
My dealer in France Don't have any note or any notice to fix that and i know me, when de summer goe out, i want to be crazy by the noise.

i read you notice and i have a question about the headliner. It's just fix with torques or it's glue somewhere?
I am happy to have found help here because this car is fantastic but the noise of the roof makes me crazy.
I think that the noises do not come from the panoramic roof but only from the roof sky insulation
Im happy to help you.

The roof is not glued anywhere, you need to remove the parts i have listed in previous post.


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I have a question

how disassemble front & rear door rubber seals and central door pillar upper trim ?

I'm afraid of breaking them

Thank's !
Hey, the rubbers are quite easy. you can just pull them down gently and they will come loose.

The central pillar upper trim you have to remove by pulling the lower trim loose at the top.
After this you can pull of the upper trim and let it hang by the seatbelt.