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Gps tracker for i30 n performance


Aug 12, 2020
Hi can someone recommend me a gps tracker for my hyundai i30 n performance. As I want it discreet so thieves don't know where it is also I can track it from anywhere on phone or pc. Also do I have to pay a cost for the service or is there one where it is free tracking. Thanks will.be appreciated alot

Welsh i30N

Active Member
May 31, 2018
If thieves take your car you wouldn't want it back. It would be ragged to an inch of its life. I think the I30N is well protected in the UK with an added security feature. I had a Vodaphone card and a red LED on the lower front sill. I think you need the key in the car to drive the car so it can't be taken ????
Add a steering wheel lock so thieves will take long to pinch it and normally not bother.