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GPF Pictures & Video

Hello guys
i'm sorry but i'm so tired for pre-holidays job.
i'm loading video of car as promised on you tube and i will pubblicate in a few hour. then i will charge photo of gpf filter.
i've read some bad words about us, no troll, only lot of company work and really little little time to use car and take photo or videos.


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here the video
i've done the video and was driving my brother but isn't good to make bangs ;);)
recomended to see video on pc because on smartphone isn't good sound.
Nice try, but I think you're missing the point. That doesn't show whether the car is fitted with a GPF. Photo of the front end of the exhaust from underneath would be useful.
Ciao Stefano, complimenti per il video, sto creando una community su FB che cerchi di raggruppare tutti i possessori italiani di I30N, visto che siamo razza rara a quanto pare. Ad oggi siamo già in 4 che abbiamo o che ritireranno a breve, fammi sapere anche in PM se ti faccesse piacere unirti a noi...abbiamo anche un gruppo su Whatsup! Ciao e a presto!!!